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Reinventing Democracy

Centre for Youth and Development joined the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era project in April 2016 through participation of the Director James Gondwe as a Core Participant in the Nairobi Co-laboratory.

The Challenge

Young people between 15 and 25 years old represent a fifth of the world’s population, yet they remain largely absent from or under-represented in political decision-making processes. Today’s young people are the owners of the future and will eventually become the leaders of tomorrow. It is therefore imperative they develop a sense of ownership through meaningful participation in democratic processes.

Despite low youth participation in political processes and elected institutions, young people participate in democratic life through other means, such as political movements, youth organizations, and ad-hoc community initiatives mostly on informal arenas. Their meaningful participation in these processes depends on the political, socio-economic and cultural context and requires both young people and youth organizations to have the opportunities and capacities for youth participation, as well as operate within an enabling environment for civil society and especially young people.

While youths across the world are facing similar problems to access the political decision-making arena there are limited opportunities for them to share those experiences and to explore and propose solutions in a structured way and through personal meetings. To become a stronger voice there is a need for youth around the world to unite.

The Solution

Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era is a project funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) and implemented by Future Worlds Center with the support of five Regional Coordinators, one in each of the five Regions.

The key objective is to increase youth participation and collaboration in decision making processes with regards to democratic governance by empowering young people from across the world to invent and propose new, innovative and concrete actions aiming at reinventing democracy by taking advantage of what the digital era has to offer.

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