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Plant for the Planet

Centre for Youth and Development with funding from Get ur Good on through Youth Service America implemented the plant for the planet project. The focus of the Plant for the Planet project is on Children and Young people. The project was implemented in the districts of Zomba and Dowa in southern and central Malawi respectively. The project directly targeted 300 children in Primary and Secondary Schools.

The overall objective of this project was to increase participation of children and youths in protection of the Environment for a sustainable future. This was achieved through the following outputs:

  • Increased awareness of children and Youths on Climate Justice through Plant for Planet academies by March 2013.
  • Retention of trees and forests through planting 2,000 Trees by December 2013.







The project was delivered in the form of day long workshops which raised awareness amongst children and young people on the environment, the role they can play in protecting the environment. Major outcomes as a result of the project include;

  • 160 Children were trained in Climate Justice and are able to share what they have learnt with fellow learners in their respective clubs.
  • Over 500 children have were reached with information on climate Justice through peer awareness and wildlife/plant for the planet clubs in their schools and demonstrate by planting trees in orchard and woodlots
  • 2,000 Trees planted in school’s Orchards and woodlots