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Education is both valuable in itself and decisive for promoting economic growth, social change and sustainable development. Moreover, education fo


We work to enhance poor people’s access to sustainable income sources and Food Security on several fronts, as this plays a key role in bringing


We recognize that health is essential for a self reliant community. CYD believes in preventive health care addressing: reproductive health; water,

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There are a number of ways you can get involved with CYD. Our achievement are the efforts of people, companies and institutions like you both small and large you two can get involved

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Strengthen Public Sector and Civil Society A strong civil society is fundamental for ensuring that the poor and marginalized have their own channels for expressing their interests and […]

Environmental management

CYD’s Environment and Climate Change Management Strategy is “to inspire and empower young people to take action to promote the prosperity and wellbeing of our communities by reducing […]

ICT for development

ICT is increasingly recognized as a significant tool for poverty reduction i low income developing countries. CYD is exploring, adapting and implementing technology based sustainable development initiative in […]