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Message from the Director

 The Genesis

Overall when we look back and reminisce over the achievements so far, we take pride in the famous Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

That single step that we took, has led us this far. Our journey has been exciting, from the few actions in one community to immerse projects across 13 districts in Malawi. We have taken our programmes further with lots of real actions to improve the communities we work with and make the world a better place for children, youth and women.

The Journey so far

Our growth has crystallized something we’ve long believed: Centre for Youth and Development adds incomparable strength and value to the development sector in Malawi. Going through our website you will see the results of CYD’s focus on the scale, visibility, and impact.

Our presence in communities brings us face to face with the challenges affecting Malawi, leading to a better understanding of the problem and effective design of the solutions. I can’t think of a more effective way to build a stronger, healthier world than by activating and engaging the target population and the communities from the start.

An amazing team of committed board and staff members has been built, all with one vision of building that conducive environment for children, youth and women to thrive. All their untiring efforts, vigor, dedication and professionalism is greatly appreciated

All these incredible achievements on this website could not have been possible without the coherent cooperation and support from partners, donors, Government and the community we work with. Together, we’re learning, sharing, and leading, and as we grow, so grows the mission.

As the Journey continues

The success so far achieved, challenges so far triumphed present even greater resource demand than ever before. This we can’t do alone. We look forward to your continued and strong support in our endeavor.

Yours in Service,



James Gondwe

Executive Director