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Inspiring Young Farmers


Global population is expected to increase to 9 billion by 2050, with youth (aged 15–24) accounting for about 14 percent of this total. While the world’s youth cohort is expected to grow, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth – particularly those living in developing countries’ economically stagnant rural areas – remain limited, poorly remunerated and of poor quality. In recognition of the agricultural sector’s potential to serve as a source of livelihood opportunities for rural youth, Centre for Youth and Development in Partnership with Malawi fruits and with funding from Scottish Government is implementing the “Inspiring Young Farmers” Project in Rumphi District.


The project will inspire young people to commit to being smallholder farmers who will be given the opportunity to develop modern farming methods and participate in the value chain from growing to marketing. The project will target unemployed young people in targeted locations in Rumphi District from the poorest farmers so that they can contribute to the household income to pay for essentials such as housing improvements, school fees and health care. Farm inputs, irrigation, mechanization and access to processing and markets will be provided along with training and advice to ensure good crop yields and a sustainable improvement in living standards. What sets this project apart is the vision to connect up irrigation, mechanization with significant benefits which will inspire young people to see agriculture as a wise choice for a decent livelihood. The main goal of the project is to inspire young people to become potential small holder farmers, reduce poverty and create sustainable livelihoods in vulnerable communities in Rumphi District