The challenge

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking 164th out of 177 in the Human Development Index. This landlocked, chronically food insecure nation is characterized by high population density, high rates of HIV/AIDS, decreasing soil fertility, increasing exposure to climate change in the form of droughts and floods, and poor transport links to international markets.Representing 70% of agricultural labor and 30% of all smallholders in Malawi, women play a significant role in the sector that often goes unrecognized. Women farmers also face significant constraints in pursuing their livelihoods, due discriminatory attitudes and practices that favor a male-dominated land tenure system. Women also receive lower wages than men, are allocated the lowest quality plots of land for household crop production and are blocked from producing higher value crops or engaging in agro-enterprise due to high input costs and a male-dominated society.

The Solution

While these barriers persist, there are also growing opportunities to promote sustainable livelihood security for all (inclusive of Youth and women). Malawi’s Poverty Reduction Strategy demonstrates a commitment to the poor. With this context in mind, CYD is implementing various secure livelihoods strategies in its target districts. The overall objective the programme is to enable more productive and more equitable participation of specific segments of poor youth and women smallholder farmers in sustainable agriculture while simultaneously contributing to their empowerment.


Zigodo Irrigation Scheme Project

Katokoli Irrigation Scheme Project

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About CYD

In 2010, CYD started work in the Central Region District of Dowa and expanded to other Districts in Malawi, strategically locating its head office in the Northern Region City of Mzuzu. 

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