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Strengthen Public Sector and Civil Society

A strong civil society is fundamental for ensuring that the poor and marginalized have their own channels for expressing their interests and advocating for their rights. CYD aims to safeguard people from exploitation and deprivation of their rights by creating an environment in which they are empowered to support themselves, resist external threats and actively claim their rights for durable changes in their lives. CYD does not wish to create dependency, but works to prepare the community to take control of their lives in deciding what is best for them, having realized their inherent strength, i.e. their potential for collective action. CYD will work to strengthen civil society both through working with the target group directly and through building the capacity of implementing community organizations, who are part of the civil society. In line with our rights-based approach, CYD also works closely with the Government and aims to strengthen the ability of the public sector to cater for a more active civil society, through promoting improved accountability and transparency tools and more participatory planning processes.