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Education Infrastructure Improvement Programme

Student well-being and school achievement is influenced by various physical and social factors. It is critical to have a safe and healthy environment, both physical (which includes elements such as sanitation facilities, noise, temperature, and lighting as well as biological or chemical agents) and social (social relationships and attitudes) in the schools. Students who feel connected to their schools perform better academically and the quality of relationships within the learning environment (teacher-student and student-student) correlates with students’ capacity to learn effectively. Certain levels of fear or stress can inhibit or stifle a student’s ability to learn. A safe, clean, and well-maintained school with a positive social climate and culture can foster school connectedness which, in turn, boosts student and staff health as well as students’ educational achievement. The need to improve the schools in support of quality-learning environments is one of the Government of Jordan’s priorities.
Education Infrastructure Improvement Programme is an initiative by Centre for Youth and Development that aims to improve student well-being and school achievement through improving the physical infrastructure of the learning environment. The overall project objective is to improve the learning facilities through construction and renovation education infrastructures including, Teacher development Centres, Girls Hostel’s School Blocks, Toilets and bathrooms etc.

The programme has thus far;

•     Improved the functionality of schools to achieve better learning quality

,•    Improved circulation and function

•     Improved sanitary facilities

•     Improved school systems that affect teachers’ and students’ performance

•     Enhance the school image through improving the physical appearance of the renovated schools

•     Improve the compliance of the selected schools with local accessibility and safety standards