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We offer development consultancy services to organisations or individuals. We have a strong team that is able to leverage their skills, experience and our holistic project approach to enable truly sustainable impact on the ground.

Development consultancy is a major service that Centre for Youth and Development undertakes under to help organizations, companies and fellow NGOs better implement their programs to improve poor people’s lives.

As the consulting arm of our organisation, we apply real lessons learned from grassroots experience to technology, access to finance and entrepreneurship solutions in poor communities in Malawi. Our consultancy work focuses on improving access to sustainable technology, financial services, entrepreneurship and enabling sustainable livelihoods for poor and isolated communities in Malawi.

The expertise we offer includes:

  • Training and capacity building
  • Policy and strategy development
  • Studies and Needs Assessment
  • Program and project design
  • Financial Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Translations

Our staff and Consultants bring:

  • Extensive practical experience in the civil society sector
  • Knowledge of a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Good organisational skills to manage complex assignments and to deliver on time
  • High quality, using internationally accepted standards in their work
  • In-depth regional and sectoral knowledge
  • Wide network of consultants with expertise in our key themes

How is CYD consultancy different?

First and foremost is our commitment to excellence. The combination of high standards and sector specialism makes our offer unique. To discuss how our Consultancy service could help you, please email your enquiry to