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Criteria for applying for Computers

CYD would like to introduce you to the improving ICT Skills in Malawi Project. The project is implemented by Centre for Youth and Development in partnership with the Turing Trust (a Scottish NGO) with funding from the Scottish Government.

The project plans to distribute and install over 4000 computers in secondary schools in the Northern region over a period of 3 years. Schools will get computers on a lease to own basis whereby they will be required to pay an annual fees per computer. The fee shall be used for providing continued technical support on the computers e.g. computer maintenance, replacement and repair during the project period.

The project will enable Malawian students and other local community members to have access to independent learning software’s e.g. e-library software based on the Malawian curriculum, ICT services e.g. printing and the internet. The project will also provide tailored training on computer usage, maintenance and repair to the schools personnel in charge (PIC) for the computer labs/library.

Criteria for applying for computers;

  • –     Any school (both private and Government) can apply provided they are located in the Northern Education Division and are recognized by the Education Division Manager North as a credible secondary school.
    • – The school should be connected to Electricity Supply.
    • – School should have an appropriate room to be designated as a computer lab and well secured with burglar bars both on the doors and windows.
    • – The room should have a minimum of 13amp power sockets and At least 6 power surge extensions.
    • – The room should have enough lighting.
    • – The room should have enough desks and chairs for the number of computers.
    • – School should purchase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which will be able to control 20 computers to protect from power surge when occurs.
    • – School should pay K 160, 000.00, an annual computer maintenance fees.
    • – Schools should express interest by filling the expression of interest form.
    • – School should sign a complete computer maintenance Contract.


To apply for computers, Download the form of interest below


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