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An example of Climate change certificate

Centre for Youth and Development in partnership with Turing trust and the University Of Edinburgh School Of Geo sciences are running a tuition free self-paced Climate Change Course.

The registration is rolling and members can apply at any time by visiting Centre for Youth and Development learning Centre in Mzuzu and respective offices in Mzimba, Lilongwe and Zomba. The course aims at

  • Bringing a good understanding of climate change itself, but will also have the confidence to explain these basic concepts to others (and de-bunk some of the key climate skeptic arguments if you ever need to!).
  • Exploring the potential impacts of climate change across a range of possible futures, see how it could affect the planet physically, the ecosystems that surround us, and ultimately the way we survive and live our lives.

The course is part of a wider Environment and Climate change programme that Centre for Youth and Development is implementing and aims at raising awareness in addressing climate change.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to effectively discuss the links between climate change, agriculture and sustainable development, and apply practical solutions in address climate change. The topics that will be covered include;

  1. Climate Science, which will explore the following sub-topics,
  • What is Climate? (Climate vs Weather)
  • How Has Climate Changed in the Past?
  • Drivers of Climate Change
  • Green House Effect
  • Is the climate warming
  • Current Global Warming: Human or Natural?
  1. Climate Change Impacts:Past, Present and Future, which will explore the following sub-topics;
  • How much warmer could it get?
  • What are the Key Physical Impacts?
  • Extreme Weather: Are Humans to Blame?
  • Social Impacts: What Does This Mean For Us?
  • Can We Reduce Our Risk Of Climate Change Impacts?

No prior knowledge is required to join the course. Upon completion of all required activities and pass a mark of 100%, participants will receive a certificate from the University Of Edinburgh School Of Geosciences.   The course is self-paced and is delivered through pdf notes and videos provided by our respective contacts in the centers and all participants are supposed to complete a quiz at the Centre after studying. To register and participate in the course please contact Vigilant Vijimbo on or call us on +265 111 402 722