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Who we are

Our Board

Centre for Youth and Development is governed by a policy Board of Directors that provides overall guidance and oversight to CYD. The Board composed of 5 members, representing academia, NGO and private sectors. The board of Directors meets six times a year. The tenure of office is three years. The functions of the Board of Directors include: discussion of annual work plans, revision of program implementation and financial policies, election of the Board of Directors, scrutiny of financial reports submitted by the Secretariat.

Our Vision

The Vision of CYD is a society, which allows every marginalized person to grow and develop to his or her full potential.

Our Mission

The Mission of CYD is to facilitate the empowerment of marginalized persons, their families, communities and work/collaborate with the government to provide them with the best environment for sustainable development.

Our Strategies

We inspire

We Inspire and motivate young people, their families and communities to recognize their talents and capabilities

We empower

We empower young people, their families and communities to create opportunities for a better life and

We innovate

We innovate to bring about lasting, positive change in partnership with communities and governments


We influence to create a conducive environment for sustainable development.